Monday, November 7, 2011

happy anniversary to us...self portrait style!

one year ago yesterday, hubs and i got married in mexico (one of my favies below).  it was the most beautiful wedding ceremony/reception ever (i'm slightly biased)!  for our one year anniversary we desperately wanted to go back but due to our hectic work schedule, it was not in the starts. (i am promised this spring though!)

i left it up to hubs and he came up with a great, relaxing weekend getaway to sandpoint, idaho. it's only and hour and half away but still "touristy" since they have the mountain for the winter and the lake for the summer. we caught it on an off season and had the place to ourselves! we relaxed, shopped, strolled...oh and ate & drank like none other!

above are self portraits of the many places we indulged ourselves...
no. 1 ivano's italian nice to find real italian food. i'm from new york and have gotten quite spoiled when it comes to italian food.
no. 2 eichardt's pub...wish we could have sent more time there. great food and atmosphere.
no. 3 trinity at city beach...this was in our hotel and had great breakfast food and an awesome bar. thanks for the free anniversary dessert!
no. 4 mickduff's...another place i wish we could have spent more time (notice its the bars?!)
no. 5 forty-one south...the company was excellent but the food was eh...nothing a glass (or two) of sauvignon blanc can't fix!

it was a great weekend with my bestest friend...he's not too bad on the eyes either!

on to year two!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


hello again! a little housekeeping... i am sorry that the beginnings of my blog are a bit slow going...i promise it will pick up very, VERY soon! working full time, being a (somewhat) newlywed, stepmom and mom to my fur babies takes center stage, but i need this's a little sanctuary for me! next weekend, my hubs (my photographer) and i have a romantic anniversary trip planed on lake pend oreille with lots of new outfit photo ops...please stay tuned!

for this post i wanted to share with you a few of my new, favorite (i call 'em favies) pieces i've pick up from the interwebs. here goes...

this print cascade ruffle long sleeve blouse from the loft discovered via kendi everyday...check her out pah-leeze, her style is wondrous! the fit is great and goes with my comfy flair jeans like heaven...score!

essie's fall 2011 collection...oy vey! need i say more?! the colors are perfect, vibrant, 'em! i'm currently sporting very structured (middle).

last, but most certainly not least (i have a closet full of favies) are my seychelles clue booties! i could "!" these for years! they are cute, comfy and the mustard yellow color and tassels are to die for! they add a great kick of color to any outfit. just look at 'em...cute, huh?! i need to give thanks to elsie from a beautiful mess for introducing these to me...i'm sure you've hear of her, she's an inspiration!

thanks for checking out my favies!

Monday, October 3, 2011

embroidery + lake = perfection

ahhh, embroidery by the perfect is that?

last friday, our company had a small retreat up at Elkins Report on priest lake. the plan was to all meet there in the evening for dinner, drinks and some good company.  since my hubs was golfing with the boss all day, i decided to head up early to relax.

i knew i would have the cabin to myself, so i brought my embroidery supplies to hang with! sublime stitching's molly crabapple patternmy 7in clover hoop, and of course my favorite scissors! the only thing i bathing suit!

this is just one of many unfinished projects i've been working on...hehehe

Thursday, September 29, 2011

new digs at the office

my current obsession (i often have many) is ModCloth! they have great prices and fast shipping. plus, their site is super user friendly and has awesome features like wish lists and stock notifications. this is just my dress wish list...

recently i did some shopping: dolley heelsgrey peacock tights, and the fair and lemon square i said, obsessed.

i'm stuck at the office most of the day but that's no excuse not to look cute!

the tights were a hit! oh and they have brown. black, indigo...

first time for everything

well, hello! here's the first blog post...i'm excited!

i started this blog as an outlet to help me stay positive and focused on the fun, exciting things in life.  i plan to post about daily life, family, step-parenting, favorite outfits, crafts, diys, doggies, vintage finds, photography, travel, etc...

i hope you'll stick around!