Thursday, October 27, 2011


hello again! a little housekeeping... i am sorry that the beginnings of my blog are a bit slow going...i promise it will pick up very, VERY soon! working full time, being a (somewhat) newlywed, stepmom and mom to my fur babies takes center stage, but i need this's a little sanctuary for me! next weekend, my hubs (my photographer) and i have a romantic anniversary trip planed on lake pend oreille with lots of new outfit photo ops...please stay tuned!

for this post i wanted to share with you a few of my new, favorite (i call 'em favies) pieces i've pick up from the interwebs. here goes...

this print cascade ruffle long sleeve blouse from the loft discovered via kendi everyday...check her out pah-leeze, her style is wondrous! the fit is great and goes with my comfy flair jeans like heaven...score!

essie's fall 2011 collection...oy vey! need i say more?! the colors are perfect, vibrant, 'em! i'm currently sporting very structured (middle).

last, but most certainly not least (i have a closet full of favies) are my seychelles clue booties! i could "!" these for years! they are cute, comfy and the mustard yellow color and tassels are to die for! they add a great kick of color to any outfit. just look at 'em...cute, huh?! i need to give thanks to elsie from a beautiful mess for introducing these to me...i'm sure you've hear of her, she's an inspiration!

thanks for checking out my favies!

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