Monday, October 3, 2011

embroidery + lake = perfection

ahhh, embroidery by the perfect is that?

last friday, our company had a small retreat up at Elkins Report on priest lake. the plan was to all meet there in the evening for dinner, drinks and some good company.  since my hubs was golfing with the boss all day, i decided to head up early to relax.

i knew i would have the cabin to myself, so i brought my embroidery supplies to hang with! sublime stitching's molly crabapple patternmy 7in clover hoop, and of course my favorite scissors! the only thing i bathing suit!

this is just one of many unfinished projects i've been working on...hehehe


  1. What a lovely spot for a retreat and embroidery session that is! Cool pattern, and awesome owl scissors

  2. thanks for the comment! it was a beautiful day!

  3. awe...that's really cute, I'll be sticking around to hopefully see the finished product:)

    1. oops...didn't see your last post was in November :(
      Hope you decide to come back :)